Hello there Mama!

You'll only be carrying your little one once, let's capture that moment.

Maternity sessions cost $350. What's included?

  • 60 minute session
  • Outfit changes
  • Online gallery of the edited photos

What should I wear?

You should always wear something you're comfortable in so you feel beautiful and confident! Find something snug that accentuates your belly and gives it form. Skip the thick sweaters or baggy shirts and use things that give your stomach shape. Long dresses are always a classy and gorgeous outfit that really adds glam to your session. I usually recommend at least one dress and another outfit to change into. Where can you find a maternity dress? Amazon, Baltic Born, Free People & Pink Blush are just a few places you can shop online. Be careful of wearing black or dark colors, as they sometime hide your bump and make it harder to see the shape.

When I should I book?

I usually want you to book anywhere from 30-36 weeks. Just when you're just beginning to have a good sized bump. However, every mother carries differently! The goal is for you to look and feel great. Take them too early and you may not have a big enough belly. Take them too late and you'll feel uncomfortable. Mothers carrying more than one baby may need to take them as early as the second trimester, whereas mothers carrying only one usually on average want to take them at the third. It's not uncommon for me to ask you for a selfie, just so I can see that growing bump and know we're gonna capture your photos at the perfect time!

Lets do this!

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